Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Most Fabulous Anniversary in the History of Catland

Martial and Catullus in the Planter

Peter and Pindar

Yes, unbelievable as it may seem, on January 10, Pindar, Martial and Catullus celebrated one month's residence with us. Here is a retrospective exhibit of their behavior and ours as we have been learning to live with each other. (The exhibit concept alone is so barmy, it shows that the Birchall household is already long past the point of no return on its startlingly precipitous descent into Crazy Cat Shelter.)

Pindar in Vermeer mode

The Mad Face of Martial

They have taken over the workplace

They do love windows

Pindar is still relatively small

Sometimes they sleep

Two lines Peter wrote about them...

Sweet, darling, little beasties, such as climb
My shoulders as I search for phrase and rhyme

And two lines I wrote...

Tiny little cat
with a silver tail

Morning Story

Seven A.M. I find them in Peter's study, eagerly looking out the window, all lined up together.

It's a good thing we had a new screen installed...

There is much to see...birds, even squirrels on the power line...

It's unusual to see them all together.


A tender picture of Pindar and Martial's beautiful faces in the morning light

A portrait of Catullus, dressed in shining fur

Pindar and Catullus. The colors of their coats show up in the morning light.

Hey! Wait! Don't take me away yet! I don't deserve the hook! You haven't let me show the pictures of the cats fighting in an empty bathtub yet! They bash their little skulls against the porcelain and then they stop and wash each other's faces. I know everybody will want to see that! And what about the one of Martial with her face in a sour cream bowl? Come on! I have a LOT MORE CAT PICTURES! Honest, I do!


anisopteras said...

What little lovies they are.

Barbara said...

how does one get all three kitties to look out of the same window at once ... and have the camera to hand?? Barbara

Ellen said...

We feel great fondness for our kittens too -- although now I've twice hurt myself (preventing one from getting outside, slamming a door on my finger on another occasion because I'm nervous and not quick).

Funny too how they bring out responses to children. Jim and I have a way of saying to them "Is that a good idea?" "No, that's not a good idea." Laura repeats this too. Now Isabel says to them, "Is that necessary?" and I begin to wonder if Jim and I used to say that too :)

Ian loves to jump high on my chair's frame like the chesire cat in Alice in Wonderland. He also stays in his pod.

As I wrote they have a rather narrow range of behaviors even if individuated and do somethings automatically (like reacting to string, batting things) and I'd like to know more about their evolution.


Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

Diana, are you sure that the kittens are residing with you? It has been my experience that you now reside with them!

Cheers from Laurel Ann, Molly and Herman

Elaine said...

Love all of these pics but the one of Peter and Pindar is the best of all! I had a cat who used to do the same, it was like wearing a fur hat