Sunday, September 9, 2012

Two Peak Experiences

Paul and I drove up to Mammoth, leaving Peter (who hates the 300-mile drive) with the cats, who also wisely prefer to remain home. We stayed at our favorite condo, and then at the May Lake back country High Sierra Camp with our old hiking friend Mike. Then on Thursday we drove back down for the Saturday performance of my play "You are Passionate, Jane" in Pasadena - pretty fast turnaround time!   Here are pictures from both experiences, peak moments, wildly contrasting...

Two literary Angels:  Me as Charlotte Bronte and Syrie James as Jane Austen in my play, "You are Passionate, Jane"

Another peak...on the Saddlebag Lakes trail in Tioga Pass, 10,000 feet, very exalting
Our first hike was to Gardisky Lake in Tioga Pass, 10,000 feet with a 1,000 foot elevation gain in a little over a mile - gorgeous, but rather a misery to my knee, which objected!
Paul and Mike at the lake. Not an easy hike, even for people without knees!
Me at the lake.  Well, it was worth it. 
I really just went up there to see the purple gentians.
And white striped gentians, too.
Next hike was to May Lake, which is inside Yosemite.  We climbed above the lake.
We climbed to lovely Hoffman meadow, but did not scale the peak of Mt. Hoffman, above.  That'll be the day!
Descending back down to May Lake, we could see the High Sierra Camp.
Paul at May Lake...the most peaceful place.
The dinner cabin at May Lake.  There's unfortunately a hantavirus outbreak in Yosemite, apparently from mice at Camp Curry, so they're taking precautions at the High Sierra Camps too, spraying the tent cabins with antiseptics and pesticides daily.
Me relaxing at May Lake
Campfire at night
Morning sunshine on the lake 
Morning reflections
After the 350-mile drive back from Yosemite - emoting onstage!
Syrie and me after the play - relaxed and relieved!
A sunflower at Lee Vining, near Mammoth


Elaine said...

Many years ago I had a holiday in Sweden. We stayed in a log cabin with a gentle climb down to the landing stage where our little row boat was moored on the lake. We were surrounded by woods and it was one of the most peaceful and beautiful holidays I have ever had

Anonymous said...

I think I've seen these photogenic mountains and lakes before but they still look as beautiful as ever. Congratulations on another successful performance and have a wonderful trip to New York.