Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Austen Assizes and the Brooklyn Bridge

Cast of "The Austen Assizes," by Syrie James and Diana Birchall

Lady Catherine (Marcee Chipman), Willoughby (Jonathan Ross), Court Clerk (Beatrice Nearey), Mrs. Bennett (Miriam Fuller), Fanny Dashwood (Diana Birchall), Robert Ferrars (Juliet McMaster), Lucy Steele (Syrie James), Col. Brandon (Bill James)

No time and only a few waning shards of energy left with which to blog, but "The Austen Assizes" was a huge success. Several hundred people howling with laughter for a solid hour, never heard or saw anything like it! The actors were hilarious, divine - everyone in the other panel sessions could hear the constant laughter and shouts through the walls the whole time! Walking on air...Literally, for after the play I went and walked across the whole entire Brooklyn Bridge. An unparalleled, exalting day. I'll only share a few top pictures now, and tell the whole story more fully later.

Judge Dubious Honorarius Ray (Joan Ray)

Lady Catherine de Bourgh (Marcee Chipman) and Court Clerk (Beatrice Nearey)

Mrs. Bennet (Miriam Fuller)

Mr. Willoughby (Jonathan Ross)

Lucy Steele (Syrie James) and Robert Ferrars (Juliet McMaster)

Me on the Brooklyn Bridge


Vic said...

I laughed so hard that I couldn't keep my camera straight. I will link to this post as I place a few (very grainy videos) online. You can mostly hear the audience laughing. Fun play. Great time. Loved meeting you.

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures. Maybe next year.

Barbara said...

Congratulations, Diana, well done! For the play ... and for keeping up with the pace of life in New York!

deb said...

It was fabulous Diana! and I most happy to contribute to the well-deserved laughter! delighted to see all the felons get their just due [though surprisingly I found Lucy Steele happily signing books the next day and not hanging grandly from the gallows!]

Great to see you and spend a few minutes of quality time together...

Erna Arnesen said...

Great play!! Very witty from the very beginning - some of the most fun moments of AGM. Thanks again for creating and performing, Diana and Syrie, and cast.