Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pictures from New York

Washington Irving's house Sunnyside in Tarrytown, NY

I flew to New York with friend Jane all unaware that I was seated next to a man with the dreaded New York Lurgy which dropped its bomb on me a week later, thus accounting for the flaccidity of my present prose.  So there will be little writing and much lethargic uploading of pictures.

Jane and me at Tarrytown House

First event was a very nice weekend Austen conference put on by JASNA-NY in Tarrytown. We stayed at attractive Tarrytown House, listened to some pleasant speakers and had a side trip to Washington Irving's historic house at nearby Sunnyside.

Winter aconites at Tarrytown

A solemn procession of costumes at Tarrytown
The Regency Doctor
Marsha Huff, Susan Allen Ford, and me
In Central Park (the pretty coat is an $8 Salvation Army find!) 
My view from the Larchmont on 11th Street, between Fifth and Sixth
Next event, a lovely Turkish dinner on the Upper West Side with some of my Hunter friends, always a warm and welcoming and intensely New Yorkish delight.

Hunter friends in fine form 

Spent much time with my father-in-law, but also ventured out for my cousin Anne's art exhibit, and a lovely time spent with her and another cousin, Alice.  Also saw Anne's daughter Joanna, soon to turn 17, and their Comical Kitties.
Anne's exhibit at St. Peter's Church

Three cousins. Alice, Anne and me.
Cat by Joanna

Joanna's Cat
The young artist
Girl with Cat, Jan Cornelisz Vermeyer, 1545 (at the Met)

Then a visit with my old friend Laurie, who once was a movie studio story analyst like me but now is the Cardinal Lady of the Central Park Ramble.  When you walk through the Ramble alone, you'll see nary a red bird, but when Laurie appears, there are suddenly 15 of them. 


Snowdrops in the Ramble

Finish off with some nice New York food...and then home again to work and lurgy.

Matzoh Ball Soup, Katz's
 Cafe Sabartzky, Neue Gallery

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Anonymous said...

Snowdrops seem late in New York this year, Diana. Lovely to see Joanna again. I can't believe she is soon to be 17. Sorry you've been unwell but hope you are feeling better now you're home with cats and menfolk. Barbara