Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Cafe Formerly Known as the Novel...

...Now known as 212 Pier, is on the verge of opening! Hallelujah! The "soft" opening is Monday, and today I went and took some pictures of the work in process. Guru and Jonathan, with Rocco in charge of the books, are doing an amazing job, with the most impressive good taste and judgement. It's really going to be sensational, exactly the refurbishment that the place so desperately has needed for so long.

A work in progress

The books start to arrive

Peter's and my books are here already!

Guru and Rocco try out the books

Guru contemplates his handiwork


lroff said...

It looks gorgeous!!! Can't wait to come back to see it in person. Love it that your books (you and Peter) are there already!. Lindley

Barbara said...

Lovely, Diana, found the pictures at last! Thanks for sharing. Has the cafe moved premises? How wonderful to be able to just browse the books whilst snacking. I fondly remember the London Review of Cakes Bookshop. So the books are not for sale but randomly changed every few weeks? Would love to visit - the old one looked good too though. Barbara