Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Birchalls and the Bears



Two months after Peter's near-death experience, with him nearly fully recuperated, we spent a long weekend at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. Here, Peter astonished and delighted both of us by his regained ability to hike, and we enjoyed visiting some of our old favorite spots in these parks which have been our home wilderness to us, for many years. The visit was further enlivened by sightings of five bears, all young but past the cub stage, and I was able to photograph three. We came home refreshed and uneaten, and here are our pictures as proof.

Peter reading on the porch of Cedar Grove Lodge, Kings Canyon.  A lovely spot looking over the river, with Steller's Jays swooping down on your food.

Steller's Jay

Peter looking jaunty by the river

Me by the river

Snow Plants at Kings Canyon, found near the river, nice bright specimens

Owing to a heavy snowpack, the Kings River was in some places torrentially wild

And in other places, calm

A young blond bear picks away at a late spring meal

Intrepid Peter in the land of the Bears

Another young bear, light brown, at Crescent Meadow, Sequoia. Prime spot for bears in June.

Nose in food, beady eyes watchful

Contemplative bear

Getting down to business

Portrait of a busy young bear

Not sure what was the attraction...grubs or ants, perhaps.

And some flowers...lupines, in this case

Pussy paws.  (My only allusion to cats in this post)

And the final bear...a young black one, to speed us on our way, while he went his.


Ellen said...

Beautiful pictures. Peter is ever reading. So am I. A man after my own heart and with the same habits. Everywhere I go I bring a book and read when I have a chance.


Linda said...

gyGreat photos--and looks like a great experience!

lroff said...

Absolutely wonderful post and tremendous photos. It is absolutely wonderful to see Peter looking so well! And you looking so relaxed.

Debbie Cusick said...

Great photos! So who took the photo of the two of you together? Did you ask one of the bears? :-)